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How To Make Money With Your Blog

How To Make Money With Your Blog

You can make money on your blog by showing ads.
Show ads on your blog with AdSense

AdSense displays ads related to the content of your posts.

Blogger uses your AdSense account to automatically create and place ad codes on your blog.
Start showing ads

    On the Blogger dashboard, click the blog you want to run ads on.
    In the left menu, select Earnings > AdSense.
    Sign up for AdSense, if you haven’t yet.
    Select to use your existing Google Account or create a new one.
    Complete the application form, review the information, then agree to      terms and conditions.
    Wait for your application to be approved.

Note: If you can't click the AdSense button in Blogger, review the AdSense eligibility checklist to find out why your blog doesn't qualify.

Show ads between your posts

    On the Blogger dashboard, click the blog to control your ads.
    In the left menu, click Layout.
    In Blog Posts, click Edit.
    In the window that appears, check "Show Ads Between Posts."
    Set the ad format, colors, and how often ads should appear after       your  posts.
    Click Save.

Manage your ads and earnings

To see your earnings report,

    Sign in to Blogger
    Select the blog.
    Click View Dashboard.

Learn more about what each term in the report means.

To manage the location of your ads,

    Follow steps 1-2 above.
    Click Earnings.

To manage other things about your ads, sign in to your AdSense account.
Learn more about AdSense fast tracking

If your blog has high quality content and traffic, you may be qualified for a simplified sign-up process for AdSense.

How it works:

    If you get a message to fast-track your blog on your dashboard, click Earnings > AdSense to sign up for AdSense.
    After you sign up, you can place ads on your blog without having to wait for your application to be reviewed.
    The estimated monthly earnings are a projection of what you could earn. This is based on:
        Page views
        Earnings of other established bloggers with AdSense.
        Other factors

Note: If your blog was fast-tracked, but now needs to be reviewed, it may be because we need to do additional checks, which can typically take 2 to 3 days.
Fix problems with AdSense

If you run into problems turning AdSense on:

    On the Blogger dashboard, click your blog.
    In the left menu, select Layout.
    Under the AdSense gadget, click Edit.
    Click Save.
    Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for every AdSense gadget you have on your blog.

    At the bottom of your Blog Posts gadget, click Edit > Save.
    Click Save arrangement.

Show ads from other ad services

You can also make money with other advertising services.

    On the Blogger dashboard, click the blog to show other ad services.
    In the left menu, click Layout.
    In the area to add the ads, click Add a gadget.
    In the window that appears, under "Basic," add HTML/Javascript.
    From the other ad service website, copy the code for the ad.
    Back in Blogger, paste the code snippet under "Content.” Click Save.
    To check if the ad appears, view your blog
     and injoy life........with Mony

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